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European Education Consultants was established in 1991 in order to support schools in the day to day management of health and safety. In 2010 the company became a limited company as a result of sustained growth.

From initial "paper based" support documents the consultancy has grown into a fully integrated on-line suite of management database programs covering every aspect of school life. Because of the nature of change the programs now support the full range of activities within Children and Young Peoples Directorate (CYPD) as well as supporting activities across all aspects of Local and Central Government Directorates.

What did OfSTED say about our on-line Risk Management Database for CYP Services?

"Provides excellent management systems and value for money".

What did HSE say about our on-line Risk Management Database for CYP Services?

"The overall impression is that it does have a tremendous potential to simplify the risk assessment process for schools and others and offers many useful management functions".

Are our Health Safety and Wellbeing Management Systems worth a minimum of £186 excluding VAT per 365 days or a maximum of £350 if all current modules are taken? They most certainly are when you consider what could happen if you do not have systems in place which ensure that you have taken every reasonable care.

Repton School, of Repton, Derby, pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 4(1), contrary to Regulation 12(5), of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay £534 in costs. This is before any private prosecution which may be brought by the injured party.

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On-line Health and Safety Management Suite

Management of Health and Safety by Audit

A customisable Audit system, allowing gathering of information and statistics, to better manage all aspects of an organisation. Often used to overview a process before performnimg a full risk assessment.

Management of Risk by Assessment

The largest and most comprehensive Risk Assessment package available with approximately 1700 pre-written assessment frameworks - including nearly 600 visits, more than 40 from overseas - all ready for immediate use.

Caring for Persons At Risk and/ or with Special Needs via Assessment and Individual Safety Plans

A series of assessments specifically written to aid in the support of those with Special Needs within your organisation backed up with the ability to create an Individual Safety and Needs Plan to ensure their wellbeing at all times while in your care.

Child Protection: Every Child Matters

Bringing together all those concerned with the wellbeing of a person at risk and/ or with special needs is essential to provide the security and support they need.

Management of Incident Reporting

Fully RIDDOR compatible accident reporting system with the ability to email RIDDOR reportable incidents direct to the HSE

Logging of Minor Accidents

An optional, free add-on to the Incident Reporting module, this module is an intelligent, accident (bump) book that automatically links to the Accident Reporting when deemed appropriate and automatically reports this to line managers.

Care Quality Commission Reporting

An optional, free add-on to the Incident Reporting this module uses data entered into the Incident Reporting module to pre-populate the CQC forms before emailing then to the CQC saving the valuable time of staff in care facilities .

Management of Offsite and External Visits by Organised Planning

Providing the means to carefully plan, organise and control any offsite or external visits. The module automatically keeps local External Visit Co-ordinators and group External Visit Administrators informed of progress where appropriate. Existing risk assessment within the Assessment module can be optionally in to the visit along with links to other documents.

Management of Abnormal or Disruptive/ Dangerous Behaviour by Monitoring

Logging incidents of abnormal or disruptive/ dangerous behaviour and comparing them to the environment in which they occurred. Unruly or dangerous behaviour may come in many different forms from children within a classroom or a residents in a care home being disruptive through to parents or service users threatening violence to staff.

Management and Monitoring of your organisation's chemical storage

Providing the means to log all your stored chemicals/ cleaning fluids etc that are subject to COSHH regulations into a chemical register for ease of accounting.

Management of your organisation's Health, Safety and Wellbeing by Centralised Reporting

Generating reports that document the monitoring and control of Health and Safety within your organisation.

Modules can be taken individually or as a whole safety suite.

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